Your fairytale wedding

An enchanting wedding in a magical and elegant location.

Villa Brasini 489 is a prestigious and evocative location where we will be delighted to host your unique wedding.

The whimsical architecture, the refined ambience of the villa, the extraordinary neo-baroque decorations of the rooms and attention to detail will help create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere for your big day


A dream comes true

From the very first appointment, our Event Planners will dedicate themselves to planning your special event’s details. We will customise your wedding reception according to your creative preferences.

We will assist you in all phases of the organisation and running of the event. We will be dedicated to choosing the best suppliers for the catering, entertainment and set-up services.

In addition to the outdoor courtyard and garden, the villa has three indoor venues: the “Hall of Columns,” the “Hall ofGreyhounds,” and finally the “Hall of Carriages.”

The first hall, decorated with precious marble and ancient frescoes, will introduce your guests to the charming and evocative atmosphere of the villa, where the welcome aperifi will be served.

This will be followed by the elegant “Greyhound Room,” the venue’s marvellous central room, which will host your wedding banquet.

The third and last room is a versatile space that can be used according to your needs and requests.

Evento Villa Brasini Esterno
tavola imbandita vb489

During the warmer months, from May to October, you can host your reception in the villa’s extraordinary Roman garden, a secret and enchanted place.

The majestic century-old wisteria, the fragrant flower essences, the enchanting nymphaeum and ancient fountains will provide you and your loved ones with an immersive and evocative experience.

Our villa is an exclusive location and lends itself to hosting private and intimate weddings.

The flexible and customisable interiors feature the two main rooms separately for the aperitif and banquet; if you wish, however, you can use both spaces of the villa at the same time.

Additional Services

Banqueting & Catering

Lighting and Special Effects Direction

Music and Animation

Photographic Service

Floral Arrangements


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Cristina Melis
Cristina Melis
September 30
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A fairytale wedding, we couldn't have asked for better! Very young, very kind and professional staff! All fantastic! We recommend it to anyone who wants an elegant wedding with quality food and attention to detail. You guys keep up the good work!
Noela Firmian
Noela Firmian
March 5, 2019
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We are still allowed to dream. That's what I want to say about this place, which, despite being completely immersed in the city, transports you elsewhere, wherever you want. Undisputed elegance, out of time. Villa Brasini lets faces shine. Lights, columns, chandeliers, rooms to be discovered, the crackling of a lit fireplace and the marble... Elegant greyhounds in relief from the walls embellish walls, giving them grandeur. Sumptuous enough, never excessive. All the staff were extraordinary in their welcome. Impeccable organisers. One remains in the enchantment even in the following days when the lights go out and the party is over.
Francesca Marini
Francesca Marini
November 13, 2018
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Young and dynamic organizing team, ready to step in for any need (and/or emergency) both in the preparation phase leading up to the day of the event and during the reception. Thank you so much for being able to accompany me in the right way on the most important day.
Valentina Caparra
Valentina Caparra
December 9, 2018
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We liked the villa right away, and it was and is the perfect setting for our winter wedding. I would like to thank Camilla again from the bottom of my heart that she was patient with me, which I kept taking care of every detail of the reception and post-reception. More than acceptable prices considering you are in Ponte Milvio in Rome, and still acceptable compared to others who shoot big prices by offering much less. The guests still congratulate me because they ate very well that day and had a great time in the post-dinner romp in the dances thanks to the Maestro. Highly recommended!

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